• 26 Inch Medical LCD monitor (SM2600)

                                     -Using the unique TC (True Color)  reproduction technology and the colors are more vivid

                                    -Standard configuration: anti-glare, anti-fingerprint protective glass and splashing proof

                                    -Full HD resolution, with the top medical IPS HD screen which can transfer into medical

                                     applications design

                                    -Using the touch buttons, more convenient for everyday use

                                    -Full-featured interface can adapt to various needs

                                    -Give advice on installation structure ,which can make it fully compatible with the

                                     operating room
                                     Technical Parameters
                                    -26 "high-definition LCD  monitor

                                    -Resolution: 1920x1080

                                    -Ratio: 16: 9

                                    -Color display : 1.07B

                                    -Multiple input interfaces: VGA,SDI,VIDEO,S-VIDEO,RGB,DVI,YPBPR

                                    -Output interfaces: SDI,VIDEO,S-VIDEO,RGB,YPBPR

                                    -Applications: Display surgical field of views from Thoracoscopy, Laparoscopy,

                                     Hysteroscopy,Gastrointestinal endoscopy