Malaysia Urologists Attended ScanMed TUAERP Workshop

First Urologist Team from Malaysia Attended TUAERP Workshop for ScanMed Bipolar Plasma System

Healthcare Solution, ScanMed’s sole agent in Malaysia, brings its first urologist team from Malaysia to Guangzhou, China on Jul 1st. The aim of their visit is to attend 

TUAERP (Transurethral Anatomical Enucleation and Resection of Prostate)  workshop for ScanMed Bipolar Plasma sytem in Zhujiang hospital, where 26 workshops 

under same theme were already provided for Urologists from China in recent years. 

The 3day workshop covers theory learning, ScanMed simulator operation, live surgery demonstration, hands on, experience sharing, Q&A and case discussion. Malaysia

urologists are eager to learn more about TUAERP technique, which invented by Prof. Liu Chunxiao, currently chief of the Urology Dept of Zhujiang Hospital. TUAERP is 

regarded as the new golden standard of prostate endoscopy procedure. 
The advantage in design, safety and reliability in use, plus user focused service of ScanMed Bipolar Plasma system was much praised during the workshop. The first 

TUAERP live surgery was performed by Prof. Chen Binshen. He completed the operation with ScanMed’s various electrodes, including Loop, Shovel and Rod, to 

demonstrate their different features designed for cutting and coagulation. All these electrodes are widely used and suit for different purpose in endoscopy surgery.

Dr. Mahmood, director from KPJ group, commented and emphasized his preference on ScanMed Rod electrode, which is used to replace laser product in TUAERP. 

He says, as a fan to laser product for so many years, he couldn’t figure out a reason to use laser anymore after he tried Rod, a better cost performance product

 from ScanMed. Since then he has recommended Rod to his urologist without any hesitation.

Urologists benefit from this kind of professional exchange program. Through the experience sharing on using ScanMed products, they become more confident 

in bringing it to Malaysia and have faith in spreading the TUAERP technique over there. Healthcare Solution, as a bridge between two countries, is also 

anticipating to further expand market for ScanMed product in Malaysia and exert influence on other countries in Southeast Asia.